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It's fun and rewarding to create your family story and history. You can create it using solely photos, but how much better would it be to have a variety of ways to share, enlighten, and even empower, present and future generations? To hear the voices of loved ones that reveal accents, inflections, their unique laugh and personality? To see the faces of grandparents sharing stories of their lives, what they've loved and obstacles they overcame and how? To view a family tree that goes back hundreds of years revealing a legacy and connections that can be life changing? Or to read a journal of a person's everyday life with the ups and downs, goals, thoughts and dreams? 

As you preserve your own family stories, use a variety of methods to enrich and bring to life who and what your family is all about, including values, beliefs, dreams, culture, traditions and goals!

​​My Mom was a Soda Jerk? 
How did I not know this? No wonder she always liked making us ice cream sodas and root beer floats when we were kids! It took using this program to find
this out and a whole slew of other interesting tidbits and stories I never knew about my mom. It's too late to get my dad's story in his own voice, but I'm getting it through my mom, thanks to this program. I'm having a great time with my mom recording her life story, thoughts, beliefs and values that she wants to pass on. I bet you'll enjoy this program as much as I do. Give it a try today.

Saving Memories Forever is an online system that helps families record, save, and share family stories. The system consists of a smartphone app and a website. The app provides an easy and mobile method of recording and uploading stories.  Once a story is uploaded, you go to the private website ( where you manage and share your stories with family and friends. The system keeps meaningful stories organized and accessible. Plus, you can attach photos or documents to the question or story to make it even more meaningful. 

It's so easy to use too. And the storyteller is more relaxed and willing to share because they're not on camera. You can even record a relative in another city or country by simply putting the call on speaker phone and pressing "Record."  Categories and questions are provided in the app as a guide, but you can create your own questions as well.

Life is short. Take action now to get started while your loved ones are still here to share their story in their own voice! And don't forget to Use Promo Code APPOSS2016 for your savings.

Interested in saving your family stories for present and future generations? I have negotiated a discounted price from Saving Memories Forever of ONLY $20 for the first year for their Premium Subscription. THIS IS A SAVINGS OF 50% OFF THE REGULAR ANNUAL WEBSITE PRICE! With this subscription you can record your stories and the stories of your relatives using your smartphone or tablet and share them using the private website Use Promo Code APPOSS2016 to start saving your family stories today. You’ll be glad you did.

Sharing Family Memories One Story at a Time
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