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If you live in Olathe, KS or the surrounding Greater Kansas City area, Shoebox Photo Scans can help with your scanning and organzing needs! I am your Personal Photo Consultant, and as a local business owner I provide a necessary service to the public. I scan your old pictures using high resolution, archival quality professional scanning equipment and I do it cheaply and quickly so your family history is preserved for generations to enjoy--safe from further deterioration.

I am a Kansas City photo scan service provider only. My clients appreciate the opportunity to drop off their pictures personally and have them back usually within a few days. Shipping your pictures across the U.S.--or to a different country--means they could be potentially lost or damaged in transit. Losing something you purchased on Amazon is one thing, losing one-of-a-kind pictures is another. Learn more >>

*Don't live within driving distance of the Kansas City area? Check out the Solutions and Resources sections for valuable information and products.   

Old pictures are family treasures. Once lost, they cannot be recovered. Everyone believes this and makes plans to have them scanned, but in many cases, they don't do it in time to save a picture from loss or the wear and tear of aging. Imagine the horror of losing cherished memories and priceless keepsakes to a natural disaster such as fire, flood or tornado. 

It's sad to hear stories of people losing their photos. Unfortunately, even a fireproof safe isn't enough to save your printed pictures. Hard drives will fail. Discs get damaged and corrupted. Scanning and then backing up your images in multiple formats is the only way to protect them.

Being able to hold on to memories beyond a generation means that your children and theirs will know those people who were close to you and made an impression in your life. Our ancestry is vitally important. Having old pictures or videos is an opportunity to share your history with others. Those around you will have a glimpse of you and your family's highs, lows, and even those bad haircuts and fashion choices! Hiring a photo scanning service means you can enjoy and share your memories without all the stress of having to do the scanning yourself.

So if you want to preserve and share your family history, then get on board with photo scanning services from Shoebox Photo Scans. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? Don’t wait!

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