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All the memories you deserve to be digitized

  • Black-and-white and color photos
  • Letters, certificates and historical documents
  • Kids’ drawings, artwork, awards and report cards
  • Postcards and other memorabilia

Fun things to do and create with your images

  • Use images at retail or online to create photo-centric products like albums, scrapbooks, slide shows, calendars, T-shirts, mugs and more
  • Transfer and send images to cell phones, tablets and computers
  • Print images to have hard copies to save and share
  • Share images on photo sharing sites, via e-mail, or make CDs/DVDs to mail to friends and family
  • Make new albums and use images on social media sites such as Facebook
  • Create an archive and backups of valuable photos and documents

Powerful software

  • It’s a photo scanner and document scanner in one, so you can do more with the treasured memorabilia you want to capture
  • Kodak Perfect Touch Technology automatically delivers fewer dark shadows, more vibrant colors and richer detail on your photo scans
  • Built-in image processing enhances color, brightness and contrast

Features delivering great images with ease and speed

  • Built-in image processing automatically improves each of your scanned items
  • Specially designed transport treats your photos with extra-gentle care
  • Image guide virtually eliminates streaking on images
  • Option to have both sides scanned to capture notes on back of photos or two-sided documents
  • Legal-size flatbed to handle oversize or extremely fragile photos, documents and bound materials such as photo albums and old prints

I use the professional scanning equipment by Kodak Alaris because of its high quality and gentleness to photos. It is the choice of many of the top scanning companies. I believe you'll appreciate the options available to you, the archival quality of your scanned images and the extra gentle care system that protects your items from damage.