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Helping you create safe, searchable and shareable photo collections.

There Might Never Be a Better Time​

Now is a great time to pull out those boxes and bins stuffed with photos and memories and prepare to get them scanned and preserved!!

Gather those boxes and bins of old photos, albums, other print items, and even your Creative Memories albums and let us give them new life!

Need Additional Help? 


I'll use my superpowers to help rescue your photos! Together let's get rid of any guilt, stress, 

overwhelm or procrastination you've been experiencing about starting this project. Let's get

your photo collection safely preserved and ready to enjoy now!

On this call, we’ll discuss:

  • the current state of your collection
  • what your plans are for your printed collection after it’s digitized
  • what your goals are for your newly digitized collection and how you envision using it
  • if you have the time and desire to organize your photos yourself and if so, how to best do that
  • how to properly prepare your photos, albums, scrapbooks and other items for scanning with me
  • how searchable and information-rich you want your digital collection to be and why that’s important
  • and other areas that will uncover the best way to help deliver to you the digital legacy of your dreams. ​
  • It’s a perfect way to help pass the time and get that project done you’ve been putting off for years.
  • Have older kids? Recruit them to help you cull and organize them.
  • Gather the family together and introduce your kids to family members long passed that they never got to meet.
  • Tell stories of family heroes, funny events and incredible life journeys.
  • Enjoy reliving delightful memories long forgotten.
  • Feel connected to family and friends during this time of isolation.

To help you get started: 

​Watch the ABCs of Organizing Printed Photos. It will help put aside any apprehensions or jitters about “How do I start?”

Check out the Scanning Preparation page to get some additional tips on how to organize your printed collection.

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Contact me today to set up your free phone consultation. It will feel great to finally have your collection digitized and safely preserved to enjoy now and for many years to come!