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All of the scanning is done by appointment only.  Please contact me with any questions or to drop your photos off. I look forward to providing you with the personalized service you deserve so you can get sharing right away!

Disclaimer: Shoebox Photo Scans LLC will not scan any photos that we deem to be offensive or pornographic in nature. And remember, we cannot scan photos with any copyright marks. All photos must be your own, unless you have a signed copyright release from the owner.

Preparing Your Photos 

  • Don't write on the back of your photos with gel pen, marker or crayon. This may cause unwanted transfer to other photos and bleed through the paper. If necessary, use a photo safe pen or #2 pencil, but don't press too hard. Always write in a corner to avoid bleed-through to a face on the front. Please let it dry completely before placing with other photos to avoid smudging and transfer.
  • Clean photos make for a clean scan: I cannot scan photos using our automatic scanner that are sticky, soiled or dirty as it may cause damage to the equipment and compromise the quality of your scanned image. All photos must be clean and free from any glue, staples, tape, clips, etc.  Experts recommend using a lint-free cloth or an air can to clean very dusty photos.
  • Any picture that has residue that cannot be removed or is too curled, fragile or otherwise cannot be scanned using the auto scanner will be scanned on our flatbed scanner.
  • For photo albums, you can select the scan option that meets your needs. I might not be able to scan every album. We can discuss scanning options in advance. I will provide recommendations on the best way to achieve your goals. I can also look at the album prior to the order to advise you of any possible issues.   

For a combination of resolutions

If you have photos to be scanned at 300 DPI, 600 DPI or 1200 DPI:

  • Sort photos by resolution preference and place in re-sealable bags or in envelopes. 300 DPI is the most affordable option for preserving photos, viewing and making up to one size larger reprints. If you plan to do extensive editing or enlarging, or you want a higher quality for use with future technology, you will want to consider 600 DPI. For creating personalized gifts such as photo books, you will also want to consider 600 DPI. Select 1200 DPI for photos that are less than 3"x5" that you will want to enlarge up to 4 times it's original size.
  • Write on the outside of the bag or envelope at what resolution you want those photos to be scanned.

Pre-Scan Prep and Organizing 

Decide if you want to organize your photos before having them scanned. You might find it faster and easier to organize them on your computer after they are scanned. There are software programs available to help you do this. There's no right or wrong way as it's a personal preference based on which method is easiest for you. Plus, you can always use my free 20-minute consultation offer to help you decide which would work best for the type of collection you're wanting to create.

All scan orders:

  • If you can, please try to group photos by similar size and orient them so that they are all “heads up.” This allows me to finish your order more quickly.

Optional Category/Custom Folders scans (additional instructions):

  • (Option 1) Write (legibly) your category name (e.g., Christmas 2012) on a blank 3”x5” or 4"x6" index card and include it in the bundle or in a re-sealable bag or envelope on top of your photos. Your index card will be scanned at the beginning of that category. OR
  • (Option 2) Create your own personal folder names (see price list for cost) - I will create a digital folder using the name you provide for each bundle. You will get back digital folders exactly the way you want them, plus enjoy finding specific photos in a flash using the terms you included in your folder name. Every file name matches its folder name, so you have easy searchability!

Fragile items: To protect your fragile photos and items, try to place them in a sturdy envelope or box. They will be scanned on the flatbed scanner at the Non-Standard Items price.